• Tom Lau

Orange County Bonsai Society Show 2018

Got a ton of material to show just have not found the time to sit down and write all these events down. I'll try my best to document everything I have as some items are several months old now.

Lets beginning with last's month Orange County Bonsai Society show in late June. I literally got back in town and Big Joe asked if I wanted to see the show. This show has been on dark for the past year because of the construction of their show site. But, that is all in the past. The show building that they were in was beautiful and full of ambient light. Unlike many new remodeled locations with new LED setup this place was gorgeous to shot or film.

I did have all my equipment to film the event but Jason Saito beat me to the punch so I linked the video at this link to Facebook. Another great thing about several local clubs is that we are sharing the resources we have to cover events all around Southern California.

Here are the trees at the show:

Ginkgo - Debra Mauzy Melitz

Ginkgo - Joyce Gibbs

Olive - Chuck Medina

Cork Bark Jade - Gary Lai

Japanese Boxwood Shohin - Joyce Gibbs

Jade - Bill Vega

Banyan Fig - Dick Harlow

Shohin Display - Joyce Gibbs

Star Lavender - Ken Scholthan

Fig - John Deluca

Silverberry - Ken Nguyen

Ficus - Gary Lai

Boxwood - Gary Lai

Olive - Dick Harlow

Saikei - Debra Mauzy Meltiz

Silverberry - Ken Nguyen

Pomegranate - John Deluca

Shohin Display - Peter Macasieb

Cork Oak - Ken Nguyen

Shohin Display - Peter Macasieb

Shohin Display - Peter Macasieb

Tamarisk Shohin - Peter Macasieb

Olive - Allan Sugimura

Olive - Michael Walsh

Bougainvillea - Nicole Mashburn

European White Birch - Ken Scholthan

Ficus - Gary Lai

Bougainvillea - Dick Harlow

California Juniper - Tom Vuong

Torulosa - Jimmy Takeda

Japanese Boxwood - Michael Walsh

Bougainvillea - Nicole Mashburn

Cork Bark Jade - Bill Vega

Japanese Black Pine - June Nguy

Chinese Elm - Ken Schlothan

Japanese Black Pine - Carly Mashburn

Bush Cherry - Jim Pierce

Star Lavender - Maryann Tran

California Juniper - David Nguy

Frank Goya was the guest demonstrator for the day. Of course Frank was showing the crowds how to make a basic "Saikei".

Great story from Michael Walsh. He was explaining to us that this tree was one of his original trees he started with many years ago. For a during in his life bonsai was a hobby and many of his trees were placed into the yard and became yard trees. So when he started bonsai again he dug up this boxwood hoping it would be like a grand oak bonsai style one day.

That day never came and that boxwood would never become that oak style tree. Michael let Roy Nagatoshi restyle his tree for him. Within minutes this tree that had a large canopy mass became the tree you see above with a single tiny foliage left. That was 5 years ago and since then this tree looks pretty good so far.

Well, that will do it for this post. If you got some stories to tell about this show or if I got the wrong person please tell me and I'll change or add it as best as I can. Until the next post.

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