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Shohin Seminar 2018 - Santa Nella California

So the beginning of this month several Baikoen members went to the Shohin Seminar in the small truck stop of Santa Nella California. It is a small truck stop right off the 5 freeway just East of Gilroy.

This convention/show happens every other year and brings a ton of people in as it is one of the most affordable bonsai convention to attend this side west of the Mississippi . Linsday, Big Joe and I stayed for two days and it was money and time well spent.

Like most conventions it is broken into three main components. The room full of formal display of shohin bonsai, workshops/demonstrations and of course the vendor/sells area. All three of us tried to register into a workshop but, we were on a tight timeline and only could attend the morning session of Saturday. Luck was not with any of us as all three of us did not get chosen for a workshop at all. But, that because fully registered participant received priority in the lotto system vs people like us that had day passes. But that is a whole new discussion.

So the display area was wonderful. I never seen a room chalked full of shohin before in a formal setting. I was lucky enough to be in the room as people were setting up their display. Even though the displays are smaller the dynamics between trees/object/stands/position all plays an intricate part.

This Japanese Black Pine is just scaled wonderfully for the display. Powerful and stout.

This display stand is unique as it is narrow compared to the standardized size.

A very delicate display.

This boxwood on the left is extreme old for its size. I never even thought that a boxwood would make a great shohin. Point taken!

A nice 5 point display with a bunjin pine as the anchor.

Beauty Berry for anybody that is asking.

A really simple yet powerful display using 3 objects.

So the other thing going was the workshops and demonstration going throughout the 3 day program.

Jason Saito shows Tak Shimazu his plans with this juniper.

Ann Herb hides from me during her workshop with Bob Shimons.

We join Jonas D. with his Japanese Black Pine workshop.

Some really awesome?? shohin azaleas.

Can we say camellias?

Some familiar faces working on some pretty good looking olives.

Ted letting some of the particpaint play with some of these twisted junipers.

Chadd showing the basics of repotting from nursery pot.

Bob H. showing a technique of gluing on tie down with super glue and concrete mix.

And of course how can I forget to mention the vendor area!

Well, that is it for now. Honestly, it was worth the time and drive to this rather large show/convention. Being here the first time really changed my view of this seminar. You know I'll be back in two years!

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