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Santa Anita Bonsai Club Memorial Weekend Show 2017

Last weekend Santa Anita Bonsai Club had their annual show. One show that kicks off the summer season for you as it always happens around the end of May. This range of days have bonsai in their full canopy and Satisuki Azaleas are in full bloom. I'm always impressed to see other artist tree from this club that are normally never seen before.

Santa Anita Bonsai Club show revolves around a show theme. Which makes it totally unique compared to the other clubs. This year's theme was Yosue or forest. A classic Yosue or forest has a group of individual trees that creates a forest or a group of tree scene for the viewer. Even though there is a theme other trees style is always permitted.

As the end of the school year was near the same time. I didnt spend as much time as I usually do at this show. So without further delay the trees:

Procumbens "Nana" Juniper - David Miles

San Jose Juniper - Robert Alderette

Brazilian Pepper Tree - Emma Janza

Trident Maple - Dick Ryerson

Olive - Jim Pelling

Robusta Green Juniper - Jim Barrett

Trident Maple - Peter Macasieb

Foemina Juniper - Robert Alderette

Cork Jade Tree - Frank Yee

Olive - Jim Pelling

Bougainvillea - Carol Upston

Up Close Bougainvillea - Carol Upston

Japanese Maple - Dick Ryerson

Boston Ivy - Ray Blasingame

Up Close Boston Ivy - Ray Blasingame

Chinese Elm - Peter Macasieb

Foemina Juniper - Gonzalo Rodriguez

Ginkgo and Cork Bark Pine - Gary Lai

Up Close Accent - Gary Lai

Black Pine - Robert Alderette

Satsuki Azalea "Nissho no hikari" - Lous Camerota

Up Close Roots - Louis Camerota

Japanese Maple - Marge Blasingame

Juniper - Judy Anthony

Japanese Maple - David Nguy

Juniper - Judy Anthony

Procumbens "Nana" Juniper - Allan Sugimura

Pyracantha - Ray Blasingame

Shohin Boxwood - Joyce Gibbs

Ginkgo - Jim Barrett

Shohin Display - Joyce Gibbs

Up Close Shohin - Joyce Gibbs

Shohin Display - Emma Janza

Up Close Shohin Chinese Elm - Emma Janza

Shohin Display - David Miles

Shohin Display - Joyce Gibbs

Up Close Shohin Chinese Elm - Joyce Gibbs

Pot Display - Various Artists

Shohin Display - Peter Macasieb

Shohin Display - Peter Macasieb

Up Close Shohin Atlas Cedar - Peter Macasieb

If you are in town next year for Memorial Day Weekend come down to the Los Angeles Arboretum and visit Santa Anita Bonsai Club's show. Its well worth the drive in. Until next time.

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