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San Diego Bonsai Club Spring Show 2017

If you were in the San Diego Balboa Park area this weekend you were treated to beautiful spring show. I have to admit San Diego Bonsai Club has the best location of any club in the Southern California region. They had hundreds of non-bonsai participants walk through the exhibit and really shine a light on this craft.

Spring events are my favorite because you get to enjoy the full foliage of the canopy and late spring flowers if they are timed just right. Without further words the trees of this 2017 San Diego Bonsai Club Spring Show.

San Diego Bonsai Club had this great looking icon stone at the entrance.

Chinese Elm

Up close of the root mass

Golden Weeping Willow

Shohin Display


Up close of the Bougainvillea

Up close of the accent plant

Yaupon Holly


Foemina Juniper Forest

Up close of accent plant

Japanese Maple


Up close of saikei

Shohin Display

Shohin Display

Shohin Display

Up close of Shohin Display of Juniper

Shohin Display

Mame Display

Up close of Mame Display

Shimpaku Juniper

Chinese Elm

Gingko Forest

Japanese Hornbeam

Silverberry and Shimpaku Juniper

Up close of Shimpaku Juniper

Up close of trunk of Silverberry

Coastal Live Oak


Tecate Cypress

Up close of Tecate Cypress

Chinese Elm Forest

Bald Cypress

Up close of Bald Cypress

Procumbens Juniper

Japanese Black Pine

Veld Fig

Shimpaku Juniper

Trident Maple Forest

Procumbens Nana


Shimpaku Juniper Rock Planting

Up close of Shimpaku Juniper


Coastal Live Oak

Shimpaku Juniper

Shohin Display



Gary and John was the MC of the night. John won the airfryer!

The crowd was wild for the raffle after the great dinner menu that Abe Far put together.

Shot of some of our club members at the show.

To end it all. This great photo-collage of San Diego put together! An idea that we need to share with clubs! Thanks San Diego for hosting it was a blast!

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