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Winter Silhouette Show 2017 Recap

As I sit here writing this, I'm just amazed how much energy goes into make a show go seamlessly perfectly without anybody understanding the stresses behind the scenes. I'm going to try to capture that here today through quick photos of the weekend's event.

The setting up of the tokonama. Fresh coat of paint!

Cause it rains does not mean we punch through as fast as we can.

Elaine start setting up her display.

Tak just finished setting up his first formal shohin display for public viewing.

Sales table set.

Tokonama gets ready with Mel's forest.

Garth sets up for our very first photo-shoot!

Shirley's tree was used as the lighting sample.

Peter had to get a photo or two in of his display with the black back drop.

Big Joe as the lighting mast for one tree that was just too heavy to move.

Mary got a quick portrait photo with her tree.

The professional shot!

During the weekend we had Ken Teh did a demonstration on repotting and basic care of bonsai material.

On Sunday we had Lindsay Shiba do a walk through critic.

Big Joe and Michael handle the raffle sales table.

Some of the early raffle items.

Fred M. being a ham. Btw, Fred took a tour around Southern California with Sean Smith the same week.

Mel Ikeda accepting his award of the night.

Mel proudly shows his plaque in front of the tokonama.

Taiko drummers were the entertainment for the night.

Many people enjoy the beating rhythm of the drums.

Lindsay and Debbie clapped along with the beat.

This lady is intense.

Without the kitchen staff the show would not be a hit.

Debbie Shiba orchestras the food layout beautify.

Cary Valentine helps out with the spreading out of the buffet dinner!

Let the feast begin!

Tom Vuong, his wife and new member Maryann Tram enjoy the atmosphere of the night.

Steve Valentine and Marge Blasingame totally into their food.

Abe Far happily sharing the nights meal away.

Debbie was the only person willing to stare into the camera lens next to Ron Maca.

Don and Annabell always wondered where these pictures will end up.

A panoramic picture of the night.

New member Michael Robert posing in front of his tree.

A rare photo of Marge Blasingame happily taking a photo for the night.

One last photo of new member Jim Pierce with his massive Trident Maple.

I'll end with the begin. The Winter Silhouette show is only a brief moment in time. Cause Spring is around the corner. See you all next post.

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