• Tom Lau

Winter Silhouette Show 2017 Setup #53!

As I write this post the sun is out and its kinda warm outside. It was one roller coaster of show. Cats and dogs on setup day, cold and clear on Saturday and back to cats and dogs on Sunday! Again, its amazing to see what a bunch of people working together on a common goal can accomplish in a very short period of time.

Every year we start off the same way. Setting up the tables into the format we desire. Like last year, the show chair decided to have the tokonama in the off center location making viewers walk around the room exposing more and more trees to the new visitors.

This year to add some flavor, its started to rain heavy at times while we were trying to unload for the show.

But notice we got unloaded the setup went pretty fast. Here are some of our members try to put up the club signage for the show.

With the basic layout of the show set. The member quickly spring into presentation mode with people getting their tree ready for the show.

Above is Elaine J. setting up her shohin display for the show.

A quick selfie with Bob P. with his Catlin Elm tree. If you know Bob, he does not wear jackets or coats often. From this picture you can tell its cold outside.

Here is Lindsay help setting up the tokonama for Mel I. forest. Some times you do not have a stand big enough for your tree how about making a composite slab?!

Sales area checked and ready!

The information table checked and ready!

Catching Tak trying to setup his display.

Next posting the show!

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