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Nanpukai Show

The show is part of the Nisei Week Celebration in Los Angeles Little Tokyo. Nanpukai show for me usually marks the end of the summer bonsai season. Nanpukai Bonsai Club if you even call it a club is made up of members that are master bonsai artists themselves and also teach or have bonsai students. What also makes Nanpukai show unique is that the show present the trees only. No accent plant, no scroll, no stand, just the tree. In this presentation, the tree is the only true star of the show.

When I arrived to the show early Saturday, the royal court of Nisei week was presenting Nanpukai President Mel Ikeda a Certificate of Appreciation for being a key exhibit at Nisei Week.

Old time bonsai artist Ted Iwaki got a treat of the moment when he was surrounded about these ladies. I could tell you he had the widest smile of the bunch present!

Foemina - Jim Barrett

California Oak - Al Nelson

Ficus - Manny Martinez

Chi Chi Gingko - Lucy Judd

Cedar of Lebanon - Gary Judd

Shimpaku Juniper - Glenn Jensen

Juniper - John Nielsen

Prostrata Juniper - John Van De Wouw

Shimpaku Juniper - Gary Ishii

Burt Davyii Ficus - Judy Hsiao

Olive - Kathy Benson

Willow Leaf Ficus - Michael Sykes

Cypress? - Cheryl Manning

Shimpaku Juniper - Roy Nagatoshi

Japanese Boxwood - Bob Hilvers

Shimpaku Juniper - Tak Shimazu

Japanese Black Pine - Marybel Balendonck

Japanese Black Pine - Leila Kusumi

Chinese Elm - Allen Sugimura

Juniper - Steve and Ted Iwaki

Pine - Richard Ota

Japanese Boxwood - Frank Goya

Saikai - Mel Ikeda

Silverberry - Dennis Makishima

California Oak - Lindsay Shiba

Japanese Maple - Dennis Makishima

Shohin Display - Fred Miyahara

Cedar - Ann Erb

Shohin Display - Larry Ragle

Gingko - George and Kikuyo Yamaguchi

Juniper - Shig Miya

Burt Davyii Nana - Ted Matson

Burt Davyii Nana - Ted Matson

Of course Ted Matson was at the live demonstration table asking questions about the art of bonsai during Saturday's show.

Right next to him was Bob Hilvers of the Central Valley working on a rare bonsai species of pygmy cypress.

Of course we can not end this blog story without a picture of Mel Ikeda. The person that actually help put this summer show together. It was a wonderful show with trees not only from Southern California but from as many different part of the State. Great show and I can not wait to see what next years show will look like!

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