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Descanso Bonsai Society 47th Show

I had the pleasure of visiting Descanso Bonsai Society 47th Show this weekend. This is one of those shows that I always miss because I'm usually traveling the weekend of Father's Day. But, this year they moved the show a whole week earlier so it gave me an opportunity to drop by and enjoy the show. At the Descanso Bonsai Society show they classify their trees in two major categories: novice and master level. They differentiate the skill of the owner to they can have a fair competition for winning best of show in their respected levels. I did arrive too early to view the results of the novice category but, I did get a chance to record the winners for the master level awards. If you get a chance its a beautiful late spring show to view.

Prostrata Juniper - Steve Riley

Rock Planting - Jasmine Arter

Ficus - Shaikh Mahiedin

Shimpaku Juniper - Fred Seeley

San Jose Juniper - Kathy Benson

Boxwood Forest - Rick Naber

Up-close Boxwood Forest - Rick Naber

Trident Maple - Nathan Simmons

Up-close Accent - Nathan Simmons

Foemina Forest - Al Rivera

Up-close Foemina Forest Moss - Al Rivera

Up-close Foemina Forest Accent - Al Rivera

Shohin Display - Emma Janza

Up-close Chojubai Quince Shohin - Emma Janza

Up-close Shimpaku Juniper Shohin - Emma Janza

Black Pine - Elizabeth Likes

Catlin Elm - Ellen Keneshea

Up-close Catlin Elm - Ellen Keneshea

Olive - Michael Jonas

Ginkgo - Ray Blasingame

Shimpaku Juniper - Peter Macasieb

Cork Bark Pine - Kathy Benson

Foemina Forest - Ted Matson

Elm Forest - Rick Naber

Procumbens Nana Juniper - June Nguy

California Juniper - David Nguy - Best Advanced Category Award

Shohin Display - Peter Macasieb - Best Artist Display Award

California Juniper - Cesareo Perez - John Naka Award

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