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Dai Ichi Bonsai Kai 31st Exhibit

This year I had the pleasure in having several Baikoen members join me for a short trip to Dai Ichi Kai's 31st exhibit at the Ken Nakaoka Community Center in Gardena. Dai Ichi Kai takes pride in their small yet very skill club members. Its not the biggest exhibit I have seen, but it is one of the best composed exhibit I have seen with both master and amateur level tree displays. I always love to see club shows that showcase both up and coming members and the always fascinating master manicured trees.

In the tokonoma display was Al Nelson's Live Oak. Al's tree was collected in the fields north of Lompoc.

Brian Grant - Juniper Saikei

Michael Izumoto - Japanese Black Pine

Fred Miyahara - Itoigawa Shimpaku

Tom Vuong - Olive

Frank Goya - Olive Raft

David Nguy - Shimpaku

Ted Oka - Kishu Shimpaku

Ted Oka - Accent Plant (Boston Ivy)

Ken Ikari - Japanese Black Pine

Jason Saito - Kingsville Dwarf Boxwood Saikei

I honestly can not take Greg Kathol anywhere just gets in the way every single time I try to take a photo!

Found another member here YS Farn, taking a photo of a California Juniper.

Another aspect of Dai Ichi Kai is their outreach they have with their community. Every year they setup free and low cost workshops to Gardena community. It was amazing to see so many Dai Ichi members help out and show the basics of bonsai.

Well, Dai Ichi another success show. I wish I had time to return to your night reception. But, I'll be back for your 32nd show for sure! Thanks for the show!

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