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San Diego Bonsai Club Spring Show and Adventure!

San Diego is one of those cities that feel far away but its really in our backyard. I totally forget how close San Diego is until get packed and start heading down. I did not part take in the bus ride down this year, but made it a weekend trip with the family.

We (my family and I) started the day by heading to the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park. It was a beautiful day great warm weather and a 20% chance of rain. Which never materialize. But, I never knew that the zoo had a hidden gem of a Japanese garden right off the main gates. The area is called Terrance Lagoon and it serves the Administration Building for the park.

It had a good size koi pond and a classic rock garden in this small tucked away corner of the park. Its a great place to stop by if you are inside of the San Diego Zoo.

While, finishing up at the Zoo the Baikoen Club bus finally arrived to Balboa Park after a grueling 4 hour ride. It seems the traffic on this Saturday made a normal 2.5 hour drive into stuff of nightmare congestion. I personally was not on the bus but I have to mention they had some funny exploits to share!

After a quick bit to eat. Big Joe and I explored the Japanese Friendship Garden inside Balboa Park. Big Joe has never been here, and the last time I visited the place it was in the Phase 1 of their design. I have to say the place has mature a ton since the last time I visited.

What is not know very well is that there is a small collection of bonsai at the Friendship Gardens.

After that we all rounded up to the even's gala. I never get tired of seeing trees in full foliage as our show displays them without any leaves.

Of course after dinner we had a great time with the raffle and general heckling from not selecting our winnings fast enough. Something must have happened on the way down. Everybody that was from L.A. that was called had a delay response time. I'm not talking about 1-3 second delay more like, "Oh that's me!"

Finally, Lindsay thanked the San Diego Bonsai Club for hosting this wonderful evening event!

So if you are in the San Diego area next time they have an event come on by you will not be disappointed!

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