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Winter Silhouette Show 2016 #52!

I always say its nice to be part of somthing that has history behind it. This club has history and seeing it evolve for the past 4.5 years has been awesome. This is been my 4 show and it seems to get better or at least I understand enough to see all the moving parts needed to make this show so great.

The Winter Silhouette Show that Baikoen Bonsai Club present annually for 52 years celebrates the leafless beauty of deciduous trees. In this format of a show there is no hiding of crossed or faulty branching. Its appreciating bonsai at the simplest form: the trunk line and branching.

This year with the renovation of Ayres Hall completed at the Los Angeles Arboretum, it gave the hall a more sophisticated dramatic look with the new black ceilings with the matching black drapery. There were draw backs with the new layout. The LED lighting did not give the bonsai subject the best possible lighting and there were dead spots where lighting was totally absent and just cast shadows on the subjects.

Finally, we moved the layout of the tables around this year and found everybody found it more interesting or continuous as it moves the viewer around the entire hall visiting every single display.

Without further ado the trees! no in any particular order!

Tokonoma Display

Chinese Elm by Marge Blasingame

Up close view of Chinese Elm

Fruiting Pear by Steve Valentine

Up close picture of Cork Elm accent

Pomegranate by Al Nelson

Korean Hornbeam by Alex Marien

Up close view of Hornbeam

Liquidamber by David Miles

Oak by Bob Pressler

Bob Pressler Accent Plant

Shohin Display by Peter Macasieb

Up close view of Root Over Rock Trident Maple

Up close view of Shohin Hornbeam

Up close view of Chojubai Quince Accent

Chinese Elm by Big Joe Galgoul

Japanese Quince by Cheryl Manning

Twisted Pomegranate by David Nguy

Ginko by David Bernstein

Up close view of Ginko trunks

Trident Maple by Lindsay Shiba

Japanese Maple by Dick Ryerson

Oriental Liquidamber by Lindsay Shiba

Korean Hornbeam by June Nguy

Chinese Elm by Elaine Jeche

Suiseki Display by California Aiseki Kai

Chinese Elm by Ken Teh

Cedar Elm by Ray Blasingame

Root over Rock Chinese Elm by Kay Komai

Circle of Sensai Award for Frank Nagata

Suiseki Display by Nina Ragle

Up close view of Chinese Elm

Chinese by Mary Morrissey

Japanese Hornbeam by Jim Barrett

Shohin Display by Larry Ragle

Up close view of Shohin Chinese Elm

Japanese Quince by Tom Lau

Up close of Japanese Quince Flowers

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