• Tom Lau

Peter Macasieb the Shohin Master

Better late than never! Trying to keep up with all my other duties and finally getting around for several updates at the same time. So try to keep up!

July Club Meeting was at Peter's House. Its always special when you travel away from the normal scene and explore what is around you. Peter's house is nothing more than a bonsai Disneyland! If you have never been there go ask Peter for a visit, is all I can say.

I wont make a step by step instruction on what Peter did that night as I think the FB Live Stream does a pretty good job there. That night Big Joe and I fixed a major water leak for Peter and missed about 1/2 of the demo. But, what are bonsai clubmates for right?

Can't have a sign in your house without the word "Shohin" in it.

When are you ever shy Peter?

Only one row of trees.

Let the feast begin!

One of Peter's original trees.

Sample Chojobai Quince to be offered at GSBF Convention in Sacramento!

Peter gets ready for some major work.

People streaming into Peter's Bonsai Court.

Let the show begin!

Peter introduces the subject of the night.

The "Powerful Woman" behind it all! Marissa Macasieb

People enjoying the show.

Peter showing off the stage of bonsai development.

Peter doing his magic.

Feel the intense learning going on.

Other angle of all Peter's shohin trees.

Mel C. showing that what happens when technology fails.

The loot for the night.

As the sunsets the party continues.

The work continues as the light turns on.

Big Joe, Gus, Ken and Alex feels lucky tonight.

Peter working as the minutes continue to tick away.

As Peter nears the end of the demo, people start taking photos of the post wiring work.

Peter selects the winner!

Lindsay thanks Peter for inviting the club to his house and being a gracious host.

Peter finishing up the tree.

Final touches.

Let the loot grab begin! Look at all the smiling faces.

The winner for the night! Martha!

If you liked the photos check out the FB Live Stream here.

Until the next post!

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