• Tom Lau

Pedro Morales the Puerto Rican Master

FB Live is making me soft or these photo essays are just more difficult to put together. This post we have Pedro Morales from Puerto Rico. We got Pedro as a world class demonstrator through the California Bonsai Society Visiting Artist Program.

Pedro is known as the Tropical King and living on a paradise island. This time we gave Pedro a curve ball. I seen Pedro at several live demonstrations and every one I been too they gave him tropicals to work on. Well, not for Baikoen! We gave him his very first California Juniper to work on. He was slightly taken back but was up for the challenge! Overall, he did a great job for not working junipers on a regular bases. Just shows does not matter the material if you are a skilled master you are just skilled period.

Pedro has an awesome personality. He is a must see in person kinda speaker.

He is demonstrating what it is to be or have a reverse taper in a human body.

CBS President himself Bob Pressler.

California Juniper that Pedro will be working on. The styled tree was collected by the late Harry Hairo and will be auctioned at the Winter Silhouette Show 2019.

Pedro envision what the tree will look like when he is done.

The first major cuts.

Pedro wonder who put the handle right in front of the front of the tree?

Tree is presented to the audience with the prospect of what the tree should be after the night's demo.

Pedro is deep thought as he initially styles the first branch.

Darn dropped my scissors on the ground.

With the assistance of Gus D., Pedro makes his first major cuts into the juniper.

With a initial cut, Pedro finishes off the branch removal with a hand pull and tear.

He says it promotes a more realistic cut than just a flat cut which you must later address.

Styling the jin (deadwood) on the apex.

A packed night at the Arboretum.

Pedro puts his first wires on the tree.

Pedro focusing on the task at hand.

A man that enjoys working with trees.

It looks like I did not get a chance to take a photo of the final tree. But this photo gives you an idea where its heading. The apex where that upper portion is and the rest of the deadwood will need to be reduced. If you enjoyed the photos you can watch the FB Live Stream here.

Thank you Pedro Morales for being our demonstrator that night! I learned that you are will versed in many type of trees not just tropicals. I hope will cross again maybe the next time in Puerto Rico!

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