• Tom Lau

San Pu Kai Show 2018

Welcome back all! Its been a long time since I posted last. Its just been a crazy year in robotics for me and has taken up all my bonsai time since January 2018. So I'm be trying to back post all the information I have been storing. First up is San Pu Kai's 2018 Show at the Carlsbad Flower Field. I again had the luxury of having free time to go visit during Mother's day weekend. Its a great event and has a great vibe as it is set outside with roughly 20,000 people visiting the site during the last official weekend of the flower field.

We arrived about an hour before closing time on Saturday and we were greeted and escorted in by no other than Steve Valentine.

Nice San Jose Rafted Style Juniper

Japanese Flowering Quince

Shimpaku Juniper

Rosemary Plant

Cork Bark Elm

Atlas Cedar

Ficus Clump or Forest

Rattle Snake Head Grass Accent


Variegated Porcelain Berry

Variegated Ficus


Cork Bark Elm


Chinese Elm

Olive with really cool foliage

Close up of the foliage

Shimpaku Juniper

Prostrata Juniper

Japanese Privet


Shohin Display

Darryl and Christine Elmer

Ken Bross

The flower fields as the backdrop!

Well this is only one story of many to come. If you are on Facebook like Baikoen's Page as I always post videos of these events first and before I archive them here. Until next time all.