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First Club Meeting of the 2018

During our January meeting we had our usually new member orientation and hands on workshop. Unfortuntly we did not have any new members that joined in the last 5 months so we just had a club workshop with Sensai Lindsay Shiba being the man mentor of the night.

Ron E. got his juniper bonsai all wired and ready for the Spring push. Of course, Greg K. is in the background trying to figure out if he wants to attack that tamarisk we collected from last year.

Peter playing with his Kashima Japanese Maple, that he only had for about 2 years. It will be an awesome show tree one day.

Gus D. showing off his juniper for the first time. By the time Sensai Lindsay got him the second time this tree was completed wired.

Nick H. was cleaning his elm tree before Sensai Lindsay was coming around to be more efficient of his time. I really do not know what he was doing in this photo, I kinda caught him off guard.

Shirley K. and Hedy M. just catching up from Winter Silhouette show and comparing notes about the holidays!

Big Joe brought in his foemina forest that he made in one of Lindsay's advance courses several years ago. He wired all the trees and reduced all the foliage before even coming to the meeting to save time.

The club's Women Crew looking at some knitting photos. I have to admit that we have a really diverse group of people in this bonsai club.

Ed and Ron working on an Olive and an Oak.

Greg K. still trying to hide behind his tamarisk.

The olive plant I brought in for the night and ready to let grow for the next several years. The night's video is already archive on Facebook. If you have an Facebook account please like and add our clubs page. Until tomorrow night see you there or on Facebook Live!

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