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Aiseki Kai Viewing Stone Exhibit 2017

I had the pleasure of having some free time and getting a chance to visit the Huntington Library during the Aiseki Kai's Annual Viewing Stone Exhibit. It was good to see some familiar faces during the show and getting a chance to catch up. If you never been to the show before its an experience. Viewing stones for me is like looking into an impressionist eye for stones. At time you have to place yourself into the display or look at the title and trying to see what the stone reveals to the viewer. Other times you better darn have a good imagination! This show has a bit of both for everybody. They even have an international stone section this year! The best part of viewing stones is that they are extremely low maintenance, not no maintenance unlike bonsai. Below is a large sampling of some of the stones and trees at this year's show.

Year of the Dog - Lazy Hound Hills - Thomes Creek, Ca - Jim Greaves

Distant Mountain - CA Desert - Uyen Truong

Waterfall - CA Desert - Uyen Truong

Yamagata-ishi - Eel River - Larry Ragle

Franklin Mountain Range - Northern CA - John and Carol Mortensen

Distant Mountain - CA Desert - Ailan Truong

Doha - Eel River - Larry Ragle

Turtle - CA Rivers - Joseph Gaytan

Island Stone - Yuha Desert - Nina Ragle

Monkey - CA River - Joseph Gaytan

Frog - CA Rivers - Joseph Gaytan

Super Nova - River - Peter Bloomer

Homage to Hugh - River - Peter Bloomer

Glacier Lake - CA River - Chung & Don Kruger Collection

Year of the Dog - Collection of Jim and Alice Greaves

Island Stone - Eel River - Nina Ragle

Mother & Child - CA River - Chung & Don Kruger Collection

Forest Hut - CA River - Chung & Don Kruger Collection

George Washington - Eel River - Larry Ragle

Torso - Eel River - Richard Aguirre

Yamagata-ishi - CA Desert - Ralph Johnson

Tectonic Ridge - CA Desert - Philip Chang

Plateau Bluff Overlook - Tecopa CA - Philip Chang

Panoramic Photo

Flower Stone - Japan - Al Nelson

Zen - China - Rich Wang

Coastal Rock or Mountain Range - Calvaeras County - Collection of Jim and Alice Greaves

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