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September Club Movie Night

You know when the clubs gets together for movies its really an excuse to come together to have good time and socialize and eat! That's what really happened at the last club meeting. Good food, good people and of course old school technology.

I had to tease Lindsay Shiba about what technology did he bring in suitcase to the LA Arboteum. The machines he brought in was as vintage has they get. A VHS player which was hooked up to a LED projector! For the kids reading this and does not know what a VHS is go Google it!

Anyways, Lindsay found the tapes at a local Goodwills and it surpising was informative. Some of the techniques were out of date but, the overall concepts of Bonsai that were presented in the presentation was still viable and good. Of course Lindsay raffled off the VHS tape and I hope whoever picked it up has a player to use it with. Until next time!

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