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Kofu Kai Bonsai Club Show at the Bower's

Labor Day weekend is always a busy time of the year for family and friends. End of the year BBQs last minute get aways and other events always creep up. But, it's always nice to see bonsai show ready this late into Summer season. This year is no exception with temperature reaching 100+ over 2 weeks at a time.

I do have to appologize for the photos; I tried to use my higher end camera for phones but with the horrible lighting system the Bower's have the images I wanted to use were not the quality I would want to share. So the olde Iphone came out.

Al Nelson - Olive

Japanese Maple - Manuel Martinez

Pyracantha - Gonzalo Rodriguez

Bill Ward - Pomegranate

Bill Vincent - Olive

Reiko Nakamura - Madagascar Tree

Madagascar Tree Up Close

Harry Hirao - California Juniper

California Juniper Up Close - Always impressed on the jins and shari on this tree

Tom Vuong - Black Pine

Bob White - Prostrata Juniper

Bob White - Accent

Dick Anderson - Cork Oak

Thomas Culton - Prostrata Juniper

Anthony Chiusolo - Foemina Juniper

Kazuo Hosozawa - Kishu Shimpaku

Kishu Juniper Close Up

Jim Pierce - Shimpaku Juniper

David Nadzam - Liquid Amber

Carol Upston - Japanese Boxwood

Tom Vuong - Shimpaku Juniper

Harley Newman - San Jose Juniper

Doug McGavin - Olive

Justin Keller - California Juniper

Tom Vuong - Shimpaku Accent

Manny M. talking with Tom V. about Saturday's demo tree. I missing two or three tree because of the switching of devices during the photo shoot. If you are those individuals that I missed and you could provide me a photo of the tree during the show, I'll gladly add it to this post.

Again, if you have free time during next year's Labor Day maybe its time for you to visit the Bower's Kofu Kai show! Until the next post.

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