• Tom Lau

Nanpukai Show 2017

Having some time to reflect on bonsai this summer and the Nanpukai Show is the apex of this this summer time. This is the first time that I used the Gold Line to travel to Little Tokyo and I would totally do it again. It was cheaper than paying for parking in that location and was stress free while on the trains.

Its amazing things you find when you are forced to walk from train station to the bonsai area. On the way there, Big Joe found this really cool ficus melting into the melt frame around it. You could almost airlayer it and make one really awesome nebari!

We arrived to the JACCC early and had a chance to look around the vendors area outside while we patience wait for the doors to open. The doors were open around 10am and we found some San Diego Bonsai Club members beating us entering the JACCC Nanpukai presentation.

A quick photo with Gary and Big Joe looking at one of Al Nelson's famous Live Oaks. Nanpukai has a nontraditional feel as they do not present their trees on stands or with accent plants. With the white almost plain backgrounds the trees truly stand out.

Chinese Elm - John Naka

Juniper - Frank Goyo

Chinese Quince - Ted Matson

Shimpaku Juniper - Bob Hilvers

Juniper - Richard Ota

Shohin Display - Larry Ragle

Shohin Up Close - Larry Rangle

Japanese Black Pine - Jaime Chavarria

Japanese Black Pine - Leila Kusumi

Japanese Black Pine Up Close Bark - Leila Kusumi

Trident Maple - Mel Ikeda

California Juniper - Tak Shimazu

Pomegranate - Ted Matson

Pomengranate Fruit Up Close - Ted Matson

Japanese Maple - Dennis Makishima

Juniper - Robert King

Australian Tea Tree - Dennis Makishima

Australian Tea Tree Up Close Lichen - Dennis Makishima

Juniper - Jim Barrett

Chinese Elm - Jim Barrett

Liquid Amber Orientals - Tak Shimazu

Liquid Amber Orientals Up Close - Tak Shimazu

Blue Atlas Cedar - Dennis Makashima

Juniper - Wally Kunimoto

Bougainvillea - Shig Miya

Willow Leaf Ficus - Kikuyo and George Yamaguchi

California Juniper - Harry Hirao

Hinoki Cypress - Lindsay Shiba

Panoramic Picture of the Display

Calligraphy Painting

Well that it for the Nanpukai Show here is a bonus photo of Big Joe hamming it up with the princesses of the Nisei Week!