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2nd Annual Viet Bonsai Today Society Show

For the club's 2nd show I was really impressed on the breath and depth of trees this club already has. Having Tom Vuong as their President of the club does push the envelope of their club a ton.

As the first time visiting their show, I did not know what to expect. Of course I was in awe when I entered the gallery. Not just California Junipers a good variety of trees that do represent their club well.

As each club has their niche in showing their trees. I think this group of brilliant individuals show off what they can do with trees in unique ways. And of course unique as inventive outside of the box thinking!

California Juniper Tanuki Bonsai - almost missed it just that awesome

Bougainvillea - rarity based on age of bark and color of flowers

Pyracantha - huge tree with the orange colored fruit

California Juniper

Shimpaku Grafted onto California Juniper

Japanese Black Pine

San Jose Juniper

California Juniper

Chinese Elm


Shimpaku Grafted onto California Juniper

Japanese Black Pine



Shohin Display

Close up of Shohin Black Pine


Up close view of the training wire

Wiring detailed of the back of the tree

A giant Lavender Star tree

Up Close of flowers of Lavender Star



Root over Rock Japanese Black Pine

Up close of roots


Even the grounds of the Bao Quang Temple were filled with bonsai and other beautiful plants and flowers.

If you get a chance next year come down and make an effort to visit this amazing club! You will not regret it! Until the next post.

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