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Dai Ichi Bonsai Club 32nd Show

Last weekend Dai Ichi had their 32nd show at the Ken Nakaoka Community Center in the city of Gardena. I had the opportunity to arrive right as the doors open so I had the floor mostly to myself and the trees. I usually like photographying the trees while no one is around, it gives me the time to see the tree in any angle and how the artist positions the tree for the viewer. Enough with me here are the show trees:

Shimpaku - Tom Vuong

Jasmine - Brian Grant

Ginkgo, Procumbens Nana - Judy Unrine

Bougainvillea - Frank Goya

Olive - Michael Jonas

Dai ichi Bonsai Kai Viewing Stone Donated by Harry Hirao

Olive - Ken Ueda

Ginkgo - Ed Walters

Juniper - John van de Wouw

Accent - John van de Wouw

Olive - Hank Fawcett

Accent up Close - Kei Ikari

Japanese Black Pine - Kei Ikari

Chinese Elm Saikei - Jaime Chavarria

Yaupon Holly - Tucker McClure

Procumbens Nana - Keith Waters

Procumbens Nana - Robert King

Brazilian Pepper Tree - Keith Waters

Twisted Pomegranate - Leila Kusumi

Cork Bark Elm - Liz Do

Procumbens Nana - Michael Izumoto

Procumbens Nana - Glen Takahashi

Chinese Elm - Carol Upston

Cork Oak - Elissa Hoxie

Kishu Shimpaku - Fred Floresca

Jacqueline Hillier Elm - Shirley Floresca

Melaleuca - Gib Hoxie

Chinese Elm - Peter Macasieb

Chinese Elm Canopy - Peter Macasieb

Alan S., John vdW., Doyle S. set up for their community outreach during the 1st hour of the show on Saturday.

Some of the material they will be using for their outreach on that Saturday morning.

Dai Ichi also had a sales area during the show.

Well, if you are in the area and like to drop by you will not be disappointed! Dai Ichi Bonsai Kai awesome show. I can not wait until next year!

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