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April's Club Workshop Meeting

This month's meeting we did not have a demonstrator per say but we had Lindsay Shiba run a club workshop instead. Its great having different speakers each month, but its also refreshing to be able to work on our trees with the eyes and skills of Lindsay and other members within our club.

Lindsay still gave us a short talk about ramifcation of foilage and the importance of fertilizing on a monthly bases.

Here is a group shot before everybody got down to business working on their trees for the night.

Club member Greg and Johan talking about Masakuni tools.

Shirley asking Peter about suggestions about her root over rock Trident Maple.

Gus and Greg in depth thought about what to do with this shohin size juniper.

Lindsay giving advise on the direction this ginkgo should go. After much discussion, Lindsay suggested defoliating the entire tree to have a better view of the branch structure.

Dick takes a break from his saikei that he donated to the club's raffle! Thanks Dick it was an awesome gift!

Big Joe figuring out what to do with his root over rock Trident Maple. Just like Shirley's ginkgo defoliation was the prescribed route.

Elaine works on this awesome ume. Lindsay gives his suggestion on where to add deadwood figure to this tree.

Nick shows off this rather unique live oak off. I'm pretty sure lost for words.

New member Ron displays his cork bark elm.

Well there was other people that I did not get too. I was also focused on working on my trees that night. If I missed taking a photo of you I appologize!

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