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California Bonsai Society Show 2017 @ the Huntington Library

Finally, I get around to finishing this post before 2018 CBS show comes to light. Sorry for the late post but, its better than never.

It is always amazing the detail the Huntington Library puts in every time there is an exhibit or show on premise. This banner is one of those small details that people will over look as they enter one of the gates.

Next indication that a show is going on is this simple signage showing visitors where the show begins.

The tokonoma that welcomes all visitor is a Japanese Black Pine by Marybel Balenodonck.

Japanese Flowering Quince by Al Nelson

Bronze Cranes

Suiseki by Nina Ragle

Suiseki up close

Bottlebrush by Cheu-Mei (Judy) Hsiao

Bottlebrush up close trunk detail

Shohin Display-Silverberry, Veldt Fig, Japanese Maple, Bougainvillea by Cesareo Perez

Accent up close

Stone Figure up close

Japanese Maple up close detail

Baldcypress by Mel Ikeda

Baldcypress up close branch structure

Shimpaku Juniper by Tom Vuong

Ficus Retusa by David Miles

Bougainvillea by Ted Matson

Bougianvillea up close

Chinese Elm by Carol Upston

Prostrata Juniper by Doyle Saito

Chinese Elm by Larry Ragle

Trident Maple by Ann Erb

Wisteria by Steve Valentine

Japanese Black Pine by Elaine Graczyk

Japanese Black Pine by Leila Kusumi

Olive by Al Nelson

Olive by Ken Teh

Shimpaku Juniper and Chinese Elm by Takashi Shimazu

Shimpaku Juniper up close

Trident Maple by Lindsay Shiba

Oriental Sweetgum by Ray Blasingame

Trident Maple by Kathy Benson

Trident Maple up close

Shimpaku Juniper by Richard Ota

Robusta Green Juniper by Jim Barrett

Ginkgo by Kikuyo Yamaguchi

Chinese Hackberry by Marge Blasingame

Ann Erb and her choice drink of the night "wine"!

Great reception hosted by the Huntington

Places before the speeches of the night.

Lindsay Shiba presenting a donation on the behalf of CBS to Jim Folsom.

Photo of the crowd that night on one side of the displays.

An gift and words of graditude for Marybel Balenodonck for her leadership and guidance of CBS.

A few words from Marybel Balenodonck. Even though she might be old she still wears some awesome leather pants!

Lindsay CBS President presents a wonderful stand to Ann Erb for her dedication to the CBS newsletters for the past 15+ years.

Ann Erb also thanking for Marybel Balenodonck the direction she has moved CBS towards.

On Saturday Mel Ikeda was the presenter of the day. On Sunday Lindsay Shiba was the presenter.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend and catch some photos of his demo.

Lindsay quickly cleans the juniper to be able to see the structure of the tree.

After some selective pruning the tree has some wire applied to it.

After some final touches on the apex Lindsay finishes up.

Final shot of Lindsay and his demo tree. On a side note, this tree was first wired and repotted from a sapling to a 1gallon 25+ years ago.


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