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Quick Visit to Round Valley "Bonsai" Nursery

After a visit to Kenji's Moving sale, Big Joe and I had some time to visit Ed and Linda once again. The view was spectacular, on the back way to Lindsay, California. By the way, do not always trust AppleMaps especially the back roads. Avenue 224 is not a true road. I'll leave it as that.

After a 30 minute detour we found our way back on the right side of the hill.

After arriving, and doing our greetings with both Linda and Ed. I was taken back by the vast empty loop and shade structures. Ed sold most of his nursery stock Japanese maples! He did save several variety that is will suited for bonsai tho!

If you did not catch it in the title. Ed has changed the name of the nursery to Round Valley Bonsai Nursery. The Clark's now will be focusing on bonsai stock and move away from the nursery trade stock.

Still with all the maples gone there is still a ton of things to look through and really admire the pre-bonsai material that can easy be moved into training and show pots.

There is still ton of material on the benches and in the two main areas. Mostly shohin size, but there are several pieces in different locations that offers larger beauties.

One of my favorite trees on Ed's benches is this Crepe Myrtle clump.

In the distance is one of his beautiful Trident Maple Root over Rock. Just well done. If you get a chance you might want to pick one up.

After a short visit with Ed it was time to call it quits. As usual, great bonsai tree material and better company! Thank you Ed for carving some time for Big Joe and I.

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