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Kenji Miyata Moving Sale

Kenji Miyata is a household name for some people in the California Bonsai circles. Several people in our club and guest demonstrators of our club have taken classes from Kenji over the years: Bob Pressler, Mary Morrissey, Michael Sykes and Fred Miyahara just to name a few. From all their description of Kenji's work and trees is that they are all well designed and maintain. Without hesitation that I heard Kenji was having a moving sale, I had to go first hand to witness this awesomeness.

If I did not mention that Mr. Miyata lives in Visila California and it would not be a simple drive in look around and drive out. It was an endeavor that needed to be planned out with rather short time frame; just under a week.

After our club meeting on Thursday night, Big Joe and I drove start up from LA for a short stay overnight before hitting Kenji's house. Arriving to Kenji's House we were greeted by none other than Bob Pressler.

Bob drove up at 3:30am in the morning so he could help out on Friday. It was just like we saw Bob only hours earlier! I think we did...

We were not the only ones there when the doors opened. Several people rushed out and quickly grabbed several well priced bonsai and rare species bonsai within the first several minutes of the sale. I was trying to understand Kenji's breathe and depth of his sale collection before I even attempted to pick out a tree or two.

Mr. Miyata had a ton of junipers in the shohin range. Many were well priced for the age and overall design. The quality was the highest I have seen for sale in a very long time. Many of the sale trees are either ready for a show or ready to be shown.

Kenji had some decidous trees for some but not as extensive as the evergreen material. Above bonsai, Kenji uses cotton string to move branches in place instead of wire.

One of the trees that caught my eye. I do not have a shohin juniper or black pine for a shohin display so it was one of the high priority items on my personal list.

The other tree that I was eyeing. I could not pull the trigger solely that I have not found success with junipers in my area. Dumb spider mites destroyed a few of my junipers left in my yard. If you were looking for shohin junipers you missed out.

I'm always out for the hunt for these little gems. Chojubai Quinces just melt my heart every time I see them. They are just so slow growing tho!

He did have some larger stuff for sale. Like this redwood which seems to come for a 15 gallon nursery pot not too long ago.

He had maybe 14 full benches like this at the sales area.

Some of the pre-bonsai material.

Finally, met Jonas Dupuich from Bonsai Tonight at Kenji's house. He drove down from Alameda, California.

I had some time to talk to Kenji the best I could with my broken Japanese. I asked him what was his favorite tree in his entire nursery. Of course it was not displayed in the main area but, hidden in the rows of trees in the blocked area in the back. This tosho needle juniper was his prized bonsai of his collection. I have to say its pretty impressive!

Here is a picture of the legend himself with his ultimate tosho bonsai!

The trees he taking with him to Atlanta, Georgia. Several hundred trees still.

You can not say this little tree just too cool looking.

This is Kenji writting my bill up with Bob in the background. Picked up several perfect items and tons akadama I could not say no too.

Thank you Bob, Toyoko Miyata and Kenji Miyata. I'm glad I had the opportunity to see your residence still full of bonsai and be able to take something home with me that day. I hope you have a safe journey to your new residence in Atlanta.

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