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Christmas Meeting Recap

If you missed it! You missed it! Tons of food and people this past Sunday. It was a blast that you missed. Of course it was located at the Shiba residence.

Not just one Christmas tree but two!

A small gathering of folks in the front.

Jim and Elaine scouting for the best scoops before anybody else hits the line!

The meeting of the minds while hunting desert.

Of course Debbie, Cary and Mindy had to pose for the camera.

Then these two knuckleheads join in the fun! (Steven and Big Joe)

Don, Annabell, Tak, Mel and Helen all around the coffee table.

Tak's wife Nimko, Tak, Helen and Jim playing musical chair on me.

Jim inducts Mary as the 10th member in the Royal Order of the Golden Chop Sticks.

Mary goes over some of the details of the upcoming show and field trips.

Debbie goes over the rules for the White Elephant Exchange. We have Diana, Gus, Sherry, Tom, Marge, and Ray all ready to play!

Lindsay getting the numbers ready for the White Elephant Exchange.

Mindy starts off the game! Of course my wife is the ham in the background.

Last photo is the mega steal of the game. You too can join in the fun next year! Merry Christmas to you all and have a great night!

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