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Hisayasu Family Estate Sale Review

It is the end of an era of pot sales for the Hisayasu. It was not too long (4 years) ago that I was introduced to Bruce for quality pots that I needed for a forest. I distinctly remember walking up the driveway to see Bruce and his wife tend to this bonsais or drinking a beer at the patio table. Today, was a different day. No, Bruce to greet me or his wife. Just good memories of a place where pots was filled to the top of the shelves of his garage.

The estate is a shell of its glory days and just a handful of quality pots remain. But, there was a ton of mass production pots left to be acquired. Above Big Joe, Cesar Perez, and Kathy Benson arrange pots into price grouping for easier sale. There are pots, pots and more pots that needed to go to good homes. There was even stands and other miscellaneous items that was left in the shop.

Pots and items ranged from free (chips, cracks, split or other damages) to pristine brand new in the box! Prices were spot on for people that had a tree for the pot. Bruce even had some really good pots left!

Here is Cesar with one of those great pots a Yamaaki oval 18" with some great curves. Again, if someone had a tree for it; it would had been a good deal. Sadly, to say the sale had some hiccup because of the short notice time. But, hearing from Descaso Bonsai Club, they will be having a round 2 sale sometime in January to help clear out the inventory. So stay tune if you like to know when the next opportunity for you to go shopping will be!

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