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Kimura's 45th/20th Anniversary Wrap-up

I had the opportunity to go visit Bob Pressler during the 45th/20th Anniversary event at Kimura's this past week. I'm honored to be at the event because, as a bonsai group we need to support our fellow business that help run our hobby in the Southern California area. Also, Bob was the first vendor I visited coming into this hobby 5 years ago.

Bob has owned and operated Kimura Nursery since 1996. He like many bonsai nursery in the area has survived drought, pest infestations, and economic down turns. And to this day pushing the bonsai nursery trade into the next generation.

When I arrived both Bob and Krystie was there to greet me at the door. They quickly put away the green spray paint because they know what damage I could do if I was let alone with it for a short time! (Lol, it did not happen but image if it did!)

Bob was gracious enough to even have a drawing, demonstration and food/drinks at the event he put together. He really put a first class event for the bonsai community. He even put up a raffle on Facebook for those that could not physically visit the shop during the days of his sale.

Here are some random pictures I gathered as I walked through the nursery enjoying the sights of the end of summer color and fruit of some of the trees on sale. Above is a pomengrate with full fruit. The one I wanted was just picked up by another patron, I wanted to form a small fruiting clump style.

Been on a roll with cork elms lately. Bob had several good candidates if you looking for a cork elm.

Bob did not disappoint, he had a good selection of plants with the 45% discount. But, the particular tree I wanted in the reserved area was not put on the sale floor.

This is 2015 Back to the Future Movie. There is no flying cars just, people looking down on their phones trying to identify a tree that Bob id differently.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you went to the sale and like to share a bite or two please leave me a message at and I might just add it to this post! Again, congratulations Bob and I hope to see the

85th/40th Anniversary!

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