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California Bonsai Studio 50% Plant Sale

I bet some of you people that read this blog, wonder how was the sale at California Bonsai Studio last Monday. Well, I was not disappointed and many San Diego Bonsai Club member neither.

First of all Travis Goldstein owner of California Bonsai Studio put the sale on Monday because he didn't know the demand he would have if he put the sale on a weekend. Also, Travis didn't have the personal to help support with customer service without the help of Colin Purcell also pictured above with the groovy mustache. Which happens to also only available Mondays. So now you know the reason why it was on a Monday.

By the time I arrive around late afternoon, minding 2hours driving in traffic to arrive in Thousands Oaks. Majority of the sale items was pretty much picked through by many people already. Pictured above is an idea of some sample of the 50% off sale.

Some shohin Japanese Black Pines ready to be refined or grown some more. Most of the 50% sale stuff were grow some more or shohin stock. Travis did have some bigger stock on sale but you are looking at the $300+ range.

Overall, Travis had some good stock on sale, also some other pre-style ones also on hand. You have to spend the time and walk through the nursery to find something that might peak your interest. Two acres is nothing to run through. You have to take your time and really lift the skirt of the canopy to really see what you got underneath.

Of course you can go drool on some of his really nice pre-stock stuff on the hill. Again, he has some stuff that you just have to take your time and weed through. I found couple interesting items all over the place. I bet you if come you might take home something. If all fails you can always buy some nice Masakuni tools from Travis. If you like to visit or contact Travis here is his contact information for the nursery: 4015 North Moorpark Road, Thousand oaks, Ca 91360 (805)616-2271

By the way, I did pick up some really nice twisted pomegranates for the club raffle! I hope to see you win one!

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