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Bonsais at Legoland?

Being a teacher has some advantages during the summer time. One bonus of course is having the time to work on the trees without having any other responsibility or distractions. Another bonus, is recieving free tickets to certain attraction around the State. One of my favorite places to visit that has bonsai related attraction is Legoland in Carlsbad, California.

I know some of you people out there saying Legoland does not really have bonsai trees at the attraction. That would be true in the styling of bonsai and display. But, some of the trees are worth your while to come down and visit.

One area that has a whole lot of good trees is in the "White House" area. There are around 15-18 Sejiu elm with about 5"-6" trunks. Most are style in the "oak tree" or broom but the massiveness of the trunks are impressive.

Not sure where they got the stock from but, I would love to get a hold of one or more!

The tree in the center here has little or no nebari but the trunk again is nearly 7"-8" wide!

This is a photo from the San Francisco scene. But the tree is pretty reasonable for the scale and size of the background.

I'm not 100% positive of the tree in the foreground, but my guess is a false cypress Chamaecyparis family.

This is one of those rare "styled" tree in this land. I did not see any wire, so my guess its probably selective pruning. The tree does like the location, it way to hot with all the concrete around it giving this poor tree a huge amount of thermal heating. Then, again its Vegas right?

Same with the photo above, thermal heating is way to strong here. this cypress does not like it one bit.

Here is the forest of Endor! These redwood trees really put the scene into perspective of the miniature lego structures. Trees in this scene looks like again selective pruning vs shear pruning.

Last but not least the battle scene of Naboo! If you get a chance to visit Legoland a fan of bonsai. Go take a stroll around the Minature Town you be stuck here for about an hour or so soaking in the views of their bonsais. If anybody knows who the grounds or bonsai person in charge of Legoland I would love to me or even interview him or her or them!

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