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2nd Annual L.A. Swapmeet

2nd Annual L.A. Swapmeet was a fun event on Palm Sunday. Keith Martin did an excellent job coordinating everything from parking to vendors and buyers. He even got Phoenix Bonsai Society to drop by and spend some cold hard cash! Well done Keith! It is a swapmeet for bonsai, ton of material from raw to pre-bonsai. I saw a lot more of semi-trained material than anything else. When Keith puts on the next event a sure place not to miss out as a seller or a buyer!

Here is Keith hidding behind his cork bark oak.

Wide angle of some of the vendors that Sunday afternoon.

A finished bonsai from Michael Bullington.

A picture of some crazy bonsai people that we might even know!

A photo of two bonsai artist in their natural environment.

Come out to the next Los Angeles Swapmeet!

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