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"Thank You" Luncheon

Great get together on Sunday. Its nice able to see 14 of my bonsai buddies outside of our normal environment. If you were there today you understand this statement: "park at your own risk!" Then again what is some excitiment in our live's!

We got this party so large we had to spare two tables this year! Way to come out guys!

Honoray photobomb of the blog.

Now the question what can get a bunch of full bonsai artists out of their chairs in a hurry?

A traditional Chinese Lion Dance. Around this time of the year in between Janurary and February. The Lunar New Years don upon us. For about 3 weeks from the beginning of the Lunar New Year businesses will invite Lion Dance crews to bring good fortune to their business by performing at their stores. We happen to come across one on our lucky luncheon today.

The most adorable 7-8 year old child had his own "baby" lion to perform with the "big" lions today. From the photo above you will notice the yellow lion kiss the baby red lion.

Of course if you are in the San Gabriel Valley area. Where do you go after a bonsai luncheon? SAN GABRIEL NURSERY. The funny part was that we all happen to come here right after lunch.

Kinda fun having several of your bonsai buddies go shopping with you. Its great having a 2nd or 3rd eye looking at material. This concludes this post. On a side note this post will the full circle from post of last year and the start of this blog. Continue to visit there will be more to come this year and thank you for all the positive support you guys have given to make this blog what is has became.

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