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Field Trip to Nipomo

During winter break Big Joe and I planned a quick trip to see George Muranaka in Nipomo. We knew that with a busy upcoming Spring we will not get the opportunity to visit Muranaka growing grounds until late Summer. The trip started roughly around 5:00am for me while I drove by to pick up Big Joe on the way North to see George. We made such good time without hitting any traffic we stopped by a restaurant in Orcutt called Kay's Country Kitchen for a hardy breakfast by 8:30am.

I always up for a Mom and Pop place and this one is a homerun! With a huge list of items and options this menu is out of this world. I was shocked to see how big this place really is before I had a chance to explore this lovely restaurant. Btw, either this place is a hit or the only decent place to eat because it was FULL on a Tuesday morning!

When we got to Muranaka Bonsai Nursery. The clouds parted and it warmed up to the 60's and it would be a beautiful rest of the day. Here are some shots of what currently in the ground at the nursery. Some black pines, umes, tridents maples, chinese quinces, crabapples, and even some elms.

Here is a picture of a chinese quince that George has in the ground. George stock is mostly in the shohin range. But he has some bigger material if you can convince George to sell it to you. But, there is enough stuff here for everybody.

Talking about larger material. Here is a picture of Muranaka Nursery Mother Sejiu Elm tree. The base is easily 8 inches across. I can see where George has made cuttings and air layers from this magical tree. Only if he would sell it to me!

At Muranaka Bonsai Nursery if things are not in the ground they are in pots and I mean lots of pots. George has a huge section of plants if something in the ground doesn't suit you. Things from rosemary, japanese flowering quince, crabapples, and wisteria. Just too many to list.

Of course if you willing to purchase something in a pre-bonsai state you can get something like this black pine. Which is couple of years can go straight into a bonsai pot.

Of course you can go the other way and just purchase an already bonsai for your own personal collection and not wait. He does have some really nice mature plants already in bonsai pots.

Here is a random picture of George Muranaka's family symbol and name. I think its awesome that this type of hertiage continues into this day and age.

Ok, I had to include of this mystery man George Muranaka! Big Joe purchased this rosemary and George helped rough style it before we left. What an awesome man! So if you looking for a place to purchase some plants or just in the Central California stop by you won't regret it!

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