• Tom Lau

California Aiseki Kai at the Huntington

I was into stones and rocks as a child. Honestly, I do not think I have grown out of that phase just yet. I was fortunate enough to visit the Huntington during the annual Aiseki Kai presentations of their stones. I was highly impressed on the depth and breath of stones they had on display.

This is an Eel river stone. It has this lovely green/black coloration with smooth soft lines. Remember that even in stone viewing each stone needs a stand or dai that supports it. This one is special because the dai is custom made to the stone.

Another Northern California stone. I'm so sad that we do not have this type of stone in our Southern California river systems.

In this display you will notice that the stone is supported not by a stand but a pot filled with pure white sand. It reminds me of a miniature landscape stone.

I just love how some artist place bonsai with their stone. This stone is no expection. If you look carefully you will notice a profile of a young lady.

I'm always drawn into any subject matter that has to deal with flowers. This stone is called a Chrysanthemum stone. Just like the flower, the stone itself has many "petal" crystal.

Some of the most interesting about view stones is that the images some stones have are just uncanny. If you look at the close stone you will see bamboo or grass like structures if like someone painted them on it. While the stone in the background shows a silhouette of a moon in fog.

Here is a final picture that is a waterfall stone. I just love stones that represent this aspect of stone viewing. I personally do not have a waterfall stone but one day I'm going to find the one stone that I can call mine! Anyways, Aiseki Kai meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at the Ken Nakaoka Community Center in Garden.

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