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Japanese Garden @ Cal Poly Pomona

Just a random things I found visiting other educational locations in and around the Southern California Area. On this particular visit to the Engineering Department at Cal Poly Pomona, I was able to visit this rather compact Japanese Garden that surrounds the Adminstration Building. If you are on this campus next time you should come and visit.

On the main island in the garden is a well defined Japanese Black Pine that has been needle reduced well. Also a small cluster of Japanese Flowering Quince would make a dramatic impact when it flowers during the winter months.

I never knew that Japanese Flowering Quince was even a popular landscape plant used in Japanese formal garden layouts. Of course they had some impressive boulders as the foundation of the garden.

Here is a shot from over the bridge. It is a well exceuted plan they had layout form Cal Poly Pomona.

Not sure what type of Juniper but its well padded out, but needs some thinning soon before the inner branches from the pads die out. You can tell that Junipers are top heavy growers.

A final shot of Kois' in the pond. These guys know its feeding time when people stand over the bridge. With that shot you ever near or on the campus of Cal Poly Pomona drop by and check out this really cool garden out.

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