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CBS Thanksgiving Sunday Fundraiser

Thanksgiving came and went. Then after spending all your money on Black Friday Specials we had the CBS yard sale. Every year I tried to at least visit to see whats new. Half the time its to go eat on Sawtelle Avenue at all the new food mecca location.

This year was no exception. Parking is crazy even for a Sunday in the West Side. Yamaguchi Nursery has been a family business for as long as I remembered swimming at that locate YMCA located down the other end of the block. But after family duties on a Sunday and driving in traffic for a bit. I arrived around 11:00am and most of the stuff was already picked through.

The items that were left, I felt like I arrived late at a major Black Friday sale at Walmart. Sometimes I wish I left at the crack of dawn.

In the photos above were some Olives, Chinese Elms, and some narrow leaf ficus. At least the company was good still at the nursery. Doyle Saito and Michael Jonas was there chatting at look at this beatiful stand.

Of course I had to take a picture of the Heads of State at the payment center Mel and Lelia.

After looking at the big Chinese Elm for a bit and decided that I rather get something different at the moment. I went to visit Yamaguchi Nursery to see what they had. Again I struck out but found some really amazing examples of large bonsai on display.

Above was one of George's collected California Juniper in a rather impressive pot. This is the same tree that was shown at the last GSBF convention in Southern California.

Here is a nice forest of Foemina Junipers. Needed some tighter padding but the overall age and composition was there.

Finally, a hidden gem I found. A really nice Japanese Black Pine with some handsome flakey bark. The sale was a bust for me but, I did enjoy the company there and of course lunch!

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