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Dai-ichi 30th Bonsai Show "Serenity through Bonsai"

So last weekend Dai-ichi Bonsai Club of Gardena had their annual show called "Serenity through Bonsai" I was not planning to attend but, my schedule opened up and so I drive down to check it out and went grocery shopping at Mitsuwa. After an 1hour drive to Gardena, I was lucky enough to get princess parking in the small parking lot.

The show is one of the smallest display show, but its not the size but the quality. Several big hitters displayed their best. If you have time or in the area another good club to check out.

Olive by Elissa Hoxie

Massive California Juniper by David Nguy

Famous Saikei by Frank Goya

Pomegranate by Leila Kusumi

Sargent Juniper by Gary Ishii

Procumbent Juniper "nana" by Jason Chan

Japanese Black Pine over Rock by Kaz Murai

Formal Display in Tokonoma by Al Nelson Flowering Pear

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