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Los Angeles Bonsai Swap Meet

So this past weekend's swap meet was successful in my eyes. Big Joe and I arrive just after 1:00pm and some vendors were still around. But things seems to be closing up as we started to walk around and check somethings out.

Keith Martin and Michael Jonas the organizers of the venue did a wonderful job getting a large section of vendors out that day. I was able to talk to several familar faces from Central and Southern California.

The man on the left is Keith Martin. Michael was no where when I took this picture. Sorry Michael!

One person I really get to know that I never met before was Glenn Vanwinkle from Fresno. Great guy, he really has a love of pre-bonsai material. He had like the Noah Arc of Bonsai in his moving van from Fresno. He is also known for a product called Calidama. A California akadama per say I have not tried it yet but hey I'm willing to try the next time I see Glenn. After our short visit I'm totally interested in visiting Glenn the next time I'm driving to Yosemite.

This picture is what Glenn's truck looked like at the end of the swapmeet. That juniper in the forground had my name all over it but, I did not pulled the trigger. I'm totally regetting it now as I make this post. Oh well, I snooze, I lose! Damnit!!!

From what I heard from the vendors there the shopping was hot and heavy right as the swapmeet began with people from Central California, San Diego and Arizona. If you are interested in some local ground material or if you think you can clear some of your benches this might be a place for you next year. Again, thank you Keith and Michael for putting together such a great venue.

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