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Bonsai-a-thon @ the Huntington Library

I don't know how many people went to the Bonsai-a-thon the past weekend (Feb 28-Mar 1). But, I sure did have some fun seeing people from other clubs and the vendors that I haven't seen all winter long. If you missed it this year, you have to be here next year!


We had some familar faces helping in the newbie bonsai area on Saturday morning. I have to say that those bonsais came out looking really good. I was in the bookstore and people were all asking, "Where did you get that plant?" I think that outreach was a success.


Of course we had some demostrations on both days. These pictures were of Saturday before I had cooking duty with Big Joe during lunch time. Yes, that Mel sure needs a hawaiian shirt. (that is not Mel)


The auction and raffle was another success with wall to wall people. There is Alex ready to outbid anybody in his way! Hedy his wife next to him saying to herself, "I should be at the race tracks."


I have to end with this photo of Bill and Lois Hutchinson, they have been in the landscape of Bonsai in southern Cal for ages. From what I have gathered they are moving back East to be closer to their daughter and other family. They both have been so gracious in donating several big ticket items: stands, magazines, books, etc... for the raffle and auction. I will miss both you and the stories you bring to all the clubs are you involved in. Again, thank you Bill and Lois for all you have done to promote and share bonsai to our community.

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