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Ken Bishop

Hometown: Claremont, California

How long have you been interested in bonsai?

Began lessons with sensei Lindsay Shiba several years ago; regretfully lost all my trees over the time due to lack of time spent on them. Now that I'm retired I have lots of time for my trees.


Interested since I was 19 after seeing the Huntington's bonsai collection in 1973 (44 years ago). 

Do you have a specialty, resource or method that you would like to share?

Method; whatever Sensei Shiba has taught me!

What other hobbies do you have?

1. Avid book collector & reader; modern firsts, preferrably signed (fiction-novel, novella, and short stories, some non-fiction-history&modern events.

2. Apiarist; two hives, member of the oldest beekeeping association in the U.S. - LACOBEE Keeper Association.

3. Weaving; take classes and have 7 looms.

4. Woodworking; take a woodshop class building a quarter sawn White Oak bookcase.

5. Shooting; member of the West End Gun Club.

What are your favorite type(s) of trees?

Whichever would not die on me. Prefer deciduous trees; small to medium size leaves.

What are your favorite bonsai style?

Evolving; working through styles, but have a fondness for multi-trunk.

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