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Gustavo Duran

Hometown: Riverside, California

How long have you been interested in bonsai?

Started Bonsai Fall 2014, began lessons under Sensei Lindsay Shiba Spring of 2015. Joined Baikoen Bonsai Club a short time after. Completed my lesson under Sensei Shiba in 2016.

I have love and enjoyed every part of this hobby.

Considerably new to the hobby and with a long road ahead I look forward to learning from more teacher and masters to shape a well-rounded understanding of this “the living art". 

Do you have a specialty, resource or method that you would like to share?

Nothing so far but when I get ready to share I will!

What other hobbies do you have?

Form Fish Keep and playing the guitar

What are your favorite type(s) of trees?

Trident Maples and Golden Fern Cypress

What are your favorite bonsai style?

Moyogi - Informal Upright

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