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Greg Kathol

Hometown: Sierra Madre, California

How long have you been interested in bonsai?

I first took notice of Bonsai at age 8, amazed by the small forest plantings. A few years, after seeing a bonsai show at the LA Arboretum, my interest really escalated. That is when I dug up my first tree (an Elm) at age 12 from my parents yard. I still have that tree and it serves as a reminder as to what fascinated me about bonsai when I first saw them. From there, I spent many years experimented with the trees and bought a few from local bonsai artists, hobbyists and growers. Then in 1996, I pursued a more formal approach by taking classes at Komai Bonsai-En.

Do you have a specialty, resource or method that you would like to share?

Mine is both a resource and a method. Talk to those in the hobby, you'd be amazed how much knowledge others have on bonsai, if you only ask. Especially those who have been in it for years - time and wisdom really do provide insight.

What other hobbies do you have?

Suiseki Stones, rocks and minerals, cooking, knives, cars, auto racing, tech, the great outdoors, wine and wine collecting and collector of many things. When it come to interests, the world is simply a fascinating place, it's hard to choose just one.

What are your favorite type(s) of trees?

What are your favorite bonsai style?

Bunjin/Literati, Formal Upright, Cascade, Forest, Windswept, Shohin, Truth is, I love them all!

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