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Winter Silhouette Show 2018 #54!

The Winter Silhouette that Baikoen Bonsai Club present annually for 54 years celebrates the leafless beauty deciduous trees. In this format of a show there is no hiding of crossed or faulty branching. It is appreciating bonsai at its simplest form: the trunk line and ramification.

Cork Bark Elm - Michael Roberts

Nagata Award - Al Nelson

Again this year we had the fortune of having Shirley Quan's cousin Garth professionally photograph each tree this year. Most of the photos are attributed to his work, thank you Garth! With out any other interruption the stars of the show.

Sycamore - Al Nelson

Tokonama Display - Sycamore - Al Nelson

Pomegranate - Jaime Chavarria

Chinese Elm - Frank Goya

Princess Persimmon - Kei Ikari

Pomegranate - Manuel Martinez

Japanese Flower Quince - Tom Lau

Crape Myrtle - Marybel Balendonk

Liquid Amber - Michael Roberts

Korean Hornbeam - Alex Marien

Chinese Hackberry - Marge Blasingame

Pomegranate - Carol Upston

Forsythia - Alex Marien

Twisted Pomegranate - Cork Bark Elm - Kathy Benson

Chinese Elm - Larry Ragle

Chinese Elm - Hank Faucet

Japanese Maple - Ed Clark

Shohin Display - Peter Macasieb

Twisted Pomegranate - Takuo Nakamura

American Elm - Ray Blasingame

Korean Hornbeam - Lindsay Shiba

Chinese Elm on Rock - Khan Komai

Japanese Maple - Dick Ryerson

Trident Maple - Jim Pierce

Live Oak - Joe Galgoul

Suiseki - Nina Ragle

Wisteria - Ken Teh

Cork Oak - Tom Vuong

Cork Bark Elm - Shirley Quan

Japanese Hornbeam - Jim Barrett

Ginkgo - Cheryl Manning

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