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Winter Silhouette Setup

Most shows start and finish with the club members that help setup and teardown. These are the unsung heroes of the show. Even if they do not have a tree for show their heart is here making sure the stage is set.

The day started with the unloading of the show truck. That's right everything for the show all in one truck. You can tell from this picture we just started to unload the supplies with all hands on deck.

You can't take everything seriously with this club. Here is Walter giving his best impression of a Sith Lord playing this is makeshift red lightsaber.

We have started putting up the tables and table cloths and the backdrops goes in next. Alex, Hedy and Martha punching those tables out!

I'm not sure if we are getting better at setting up or it this organized chaos is how we roll. I took this photo as I putting together the tokonama.

I told Big Joe to stay there while I get photo of him. I'm glad that panel did not fall down on him.

Of course after the tables and tokonama was setup. The stars of the show slowly gets marched in one at a time.

As the trees get setup, Elaine is working on the sales table for the club. Those elms did even hit the general market. It got scooped up by the 1st 10mins of opening.

If you noticed the ikebana arangements around the show; they were developed by Steve Valentine. If you look at them carefully next time they are actually well done.

The show would not be the same if Mel did not have a stand to sell his wares. The ume in the flowers in the picture frame, was a highly contested tree up for purchase. Mel had at least 10 offers for the tree including myself! I was amazed throughout the show everybody would come up to this ume to take its picture.

Last but not least is Dick Ryerson with his custom pottery! Well, thats it for now. I'll have a pictural gallery ready in the next several days. But, not to forget the reception dinner details in an upcoming blog post!

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