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Kofukai Bonsai Club Fall Show

Fall time for bonsai is an interesting time. All the major shows has past and we all are trying to survive our heat wave of late Summer. Just like the Nanpukai Show, its really refreshing to see trees in their Summer outfit one more time before the Fall colors show up. I have true respect for all these presenters because, getting moss and accent to show quality is pretty difficult in our climate of Southern California with 100+ degree heat.

Kofukai's show is presented in the Bower's Museum in the City of Orange. If you haven't been here before its an unique gem of Museum. Its exhibit halls are small but packed with quality artifacts. Just like the Museum, the trees were of the upmost quality, just like the artifacts that is shares its space with.

The show was in a large atrium located on west wing of Bower's. The show started on a Tuesday and concluded this past Sunday. They had even some viewing stones on display as part of their presentation. Its a must see show if you are in the Orange County area during the Fall seasoon.

Cork Oak - Gonzalo Rodriguez

California Juniper - Harry Hirao

Chinese Elm, Pyracantha, Juniper, Ficus Burt-Davyil, Potentilla - Larry Ragle

Rosemary - Dan Danesi

Olive - Manuel Martinez

Olive - Tom Vuong

Up Close Look at Olive - This tree is not roots over rock but deadwood

Bougainvillea, Black Pine, Hawthorne, Ixora, Pomegranate, Ficus Burt-Dauyil - Peter Macacieb

Up Close Look at Ficus Burt-Dauyil

California Juniper - Jason Chan

Coastal Live Oak - Al Nelson

Accent Plant (Saikei) - Al Nelson

Pomegranate - Carol Upton

California Juniper - David Nguy

Party People in the HOUSE!

Manny and Carol the Show Chair

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