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Mirai Silent Auction - Artisans Cup

The Mirai Silent Auction is an Artisans Cup-related event that achieves one of the exhibition's primary goals: to elevate American bonsai. As we say at Mirai, the high tide raises all ships. So, in one fell swoop with this auction, we're going to infuse hundreds of incredible trees into the American bonsai community's hands. Some of these trees are very hard for us to let go, but we trust that their next owners will love them immeasurably.

The auction is functioning both in-person and online. Online bidding will go live at Noon (PST) on Monday 9/21. On Friday 9/25, fifty lucky individuals will be bussed to Mirai to experience the close of the auction in person: browsing our world-class garden, nibbling on some pastries while sipping mimosas, and bidding on trees. There will be a handful of amazing trees that only the in-person auction participants will get to bid on. The auction will officially close on Friday 9/25 at 11AM (PST), and winners will be notified shortly after.

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