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Nanpu Kai Show of the Summer

For the past several years, I never noticed there are few shows during the summer months. Yes there is DBS and some up North. What I love about this show is all the trees are in full leaves and you get to enjoy the green sillhouette of the trees. No flowers, no bare branches, no small things to distract the overall look of the tree. Its priceless to see master level trees in one spot and have the ablilty to see the trees even without stands and accent plants just the beautiful tree by itself. I was lucky enough to be greeted by three Master at the show Ann, Mel and Lelia on the day I visited. Without further delays the trees.

Elaine Graczyk Japanese Black Pine

Bob Hilvers Pygmy Cypress

Frank Gyoga Saikei

Marybel Balendonck Twisted Pomegranate

Lindsay Shiba Live Oak

Scott Chadd Japanese Hornbeam

Ted Matson Yaupon Holly

Fred Miyahara Shimpaku Juniper

Tak Shimazu Shimpaku Juniper

Michael Skyes Foemina Juniper

June Nguy California Juniper

Harry Hirao California Juniper

It was touching to see a final testment and tribute to Harry at the Nanpu Kai show . As Harry would say "Master Piece"!

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