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California Bonsai Society show at the Huntington

Another successful show at the Huntington! This show is always my favorite because all the tree are either leafing out or blooming. This year is no exception with a core of members showing the biggest tree they have. Asking Lindsay Shiba CBS President, "Why are the trees and background setup for such large trees?" He replies back that John Naka always like large trees so it has been a tradition at this show to exhibit large trees.

This year Lindsay Shiba delievered seemingly the largest tree of the show with a Liquid Amber (Liquidambar orientalis). This photo is deceiving because this tree is almost 5 feet tall! Lindsay says this tree is still in development which to me is a surprise. Awesome tree I'm not sure how Lindsay gets around with this tree.

Mel Ikeda, brought this really developed Saikei Procumbens Nana Juniper. So well proportion with the tray and the stand. I can almost image myself resting under those giant tree on a hot spring day. Again the stand these trees are standing one are just awesome.

Of course David Nguy brought a super sized California Juniper to the party. This tree had some major branch bending to get that live vein into position what you see here today. The dead wood on this tree is just breath taking and natural shari is just amazing. You really can not reproduce the natural deadwood with this fine snakeskin like cracks and termite holes.

An unique bonsai forest above was present to us by Al Nelson. This is a collection of 11-13 Willowleaf Fig trees. You normally see them as house plants but never as a fine forest as we see here. Al always puts a good spin on common plants we can use in bonsai that we rarely do.

Of course I had to show the other extreme of size at the CBS show. This is a collection of shohin from our local shohin master Peter Macasieb. Its straggering to hear that Peter's collection of shohin is well over 50+ show ready trees. I'm just having problems keeping 3 alive and pretty! Shohin display is really an art and science. The apex of the display should be a evergreen on top and species and pot style and color should vary from each other in the display also the stands should vary also. Also the direction of the trees make a difference in the overall feel of the presentation. I'll think will link a video in a later episode of this blog. Again, just amazing Peter!

The final tree for this post is the tokonoma with Harry's Kengai California Juniper. The delicate nature of this tree is just awe inspiring. The flow of the live line against the shari with the movement of the tree is just too unreal. I can not imagine the first time Harry lad his eyes on this juniper in the hills of the desert. Also, we missed you at the show Harry!

For people that helped out at the Bonsai-a-thon but could not attend the volunteer reception well here are picture what you missed out on.

Of course at the end of the reception CBS president Lindsay Shiba presented a plaque and a crane vase to Bill and Lois Huntinson for their support and decidation to the bonsai community as they get ready for their big move back east. Bill and Lois we thank you for your unyielding love for this community and we will miss you guys.

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